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Automation, Domestic, Commercial


DDSI can bring you to the next level of smart wiring. Home/ Work Automation.

Using our expert technicians and best technology on the market, DDSI can develop an intelligent automation system that’s right for you. We can engineer anything from a simple system that will mimic your everyday power using behaviour such as turning TV, lights stereos on and off “ Ideal when you go on holidays” to an intelligent system that is capable of starting or closing your business’s mechanics ( Ideal for commercial use ).


We offer our services to a domestic customers who are property owner or privately owned residence.


We offer our services to a commercial public property and building office place of business.

About Us

We are a company providing sales, Installation and services to the growing modern needs of the Domestic, Industrial and Commercial sectors. We pride ourselves by offering our customers a wide range of products and services. We understand the constant changes in modern technology and we can implement these changes to you as required in your business or household. Extensive industry experience since 1996 in operation have made DDSI the way it is.  DDSI will not only provide you with the best technicians and products, but will also provide you with the best possible service.
We pride ourselves in knowing that each and everyone of our clients are fully satisfied with the high quality level of service and Professionalism of our work. Our vision is to be the preferred professional and respected providers for Antennas, Data, Fiber, Home automation, Home theater, Security, Alarm Systems, Telephone Systems, Networking, Intercoms and Videocoms with the sales supply and installation of the latest technology available to our customers. Our mission is to be responsive to all our customers needs; to be prepared to take on a job whenever required to offer the highest quality service; to ensure we work hard to meet our deadlines, to always provide a value for money service and are always focused upon working more efficiently. Our team of technicians are passionate about their work, share similar values and attain a high level of job satisfaction. These attributes play an important role in day-to-day contact with our clients